The newest app that is popular with students and prospective students. Before creating an account you should define your audience and what type of content you will post. TikTok isn’t for everyone, but if it fits your strategy go for it. 

What to post?

  • Original content: Follow hashtag and music trends on the app and see how you can make them yourselves. Look at other university or department accounts and see what they are posting and how they tag it back into their brand. Make sure they are appropriate. 

How many times to post? Two times per week

What content does best?

  • Identify a trend taking off and make it your own. Then go ahead and post it. It’s all about being discoverable on TikTok and being relatable to your audience. 

Mistakes happen. If you do make a mistake, you’ll have to delete your post. 

Be Responsive. Check your comments frequently. If someone reaches out to you, respond quickly and accurately, whether the feedback is positive or negative.

To learn more about TikTok check out Sprout Social's in depth guide

TikTok Video Specs

Understanding video needs for each platform is key. Here's a breakdown of video specs for TikTok to reference while making content. 

  • Aspect Ratio: 9:16
  • File size: 287.6 MB max
  • Length: 
    • Technical: 3 min recorded in-app or 10 min when uploaded from another source
    • Preferred: 15-30 seconds